Executive Master in Customs and Supply Chain Compliance

Safety, security, trade facilitation and sustainability are strategic issues in international trade. Business, customs and other inspection agencies want to improve efficiency and reduce administrative burdens. These challenges require us to share information, build networks and work across organisational boundaries. We can only deal with these strategic issues successfully if we integrate knowledge about customs regulations and supply chain management, information and compliance, and improve working together.

If you want to explore the customs profession in its relation to safety, security, trade facilitation and sustainability with compliance and efficiency in international trade, then this programme offers you a unique opportunity to advance your career. Given the rapid developments in international trade and demands concerning border management, this programme will generate immediate value for participants.

The Executive Master in Customs and Supply Chain Compliance focuses on international trade, and brings representatives from customs administrations together with business and consultancy. It builds on the combined expertise of five organisations, and creates a new platform for collaboration and innovation.This programme provides you with:

  • an inspiring and challenging learning environment that enables you to operate at a senior level within your organisation and to make decisions in complex cases

  • assignments that require you to oversee the various dimensions of customs and trade, including the legal, compliance, logistics and information aspects

  • a learning methodology that allows you to acquire new insights and ideas, and that supports you in applying your learning to the activities of your organisation

  • an integration project in which you learn how to integrate the different perspectives of customs, that requires you to collaborate across the boundaries of your organisations

  • discussions about compliance and efficiency of customs in different organisations

  • a customs and supply chain compliance thesis focusing on the challenges of your own organisation, coached by academic and business experts

  • access to a network of international customs experts, leaders from academia and the business world that will enable you to keep up with the latest insights in international trade.

Post-master Customs and Supply Chain Compliance | Erasmus University Rotterdam (eur.nl)

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